Nail The Week: Abstract Skulls!

This week I decided to dig out my trusty sugar skulls stamping plate (featured in my original Skull Stamping post) to create another funky, spooky design, this time with a more mysterious feel to it.

To create this look, I used different parts of the GIANT skull in the centre of the plate to swipe electric blue swirls, flowers, teeth and moustaches onto my nails over a taupe base (Barry M Indigo over Barry M Vanilla). I decided to finish with a matte top coat to prevent any glare from obscuring the detail of this abstract design.

Once again I’m really pleased with the outcome of my stamping endeavour. The MoYou plates are fantastic value for money and great quality, plus the number of different designs which can be created with them is almost endless. With these plates I can also produce far more intricate and detailed designs than I could ever dream of doing freehand (steady-handed I am not). Creating a nail look with the large centre image was even easier than using the smaller, individual skulls because there were no concerns over image centralisation or alignment. That said, I do adore the little skulls and will probably incorporate them into a mani including segments of the larger one in the future.

A reminder of what the MoYou Explorer Collection Number 8 Image Plate looks like.


Rimmel London Pro Matte Finish Top Coat

Hello and welcome to Savvy Sundays! As the working week dawns and we all buckle down (at least theoretically), it’s time to bid farewell to  the weekend’s shenanigans and get shrewd. This section aims to introduce some smart, sharp, and occasionally sensible cost-busting style, beauty and travel essentials.

As the title of this post suggests, this week’s budget-booster is a matte top coat from a British make up brand that has really upped its game in recent years, Rimmel. A fairly ordinary product on first sight it seems, but contained within this unassuming 12ml bottle is the ability to transform any nail polish from a shine finish into more muted, matte shade that is chic and striking.

Here I’ve used MaxFactor’s Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Chilled Lilac with Nails Inc’s ‘The Thames’ on the tips. A perfect colour combination for the rainy English spring; some bright optimism with cloudy undertones. Next I used the matte top coat on the left hand to compare it with no top coat on the right. The matte finish looks velvety smooth and seems to mesh the colours together to give some cohesion to the nail design, it also feels velvety smooth, dried very fast, and best of all, has so far been very chip-resistant.

As much as I love this product in its own right, I felt compelled to feature it in the very first Savvy Sunday because, in buying this single £4.59 product, the nail lover effectively doubles her polish collection- it can be used over any shade (even shimmer or glitter shades, which produces an mysterious sheen) to create a completely unique effect. Furthermore, its a lot more affordable than many matte top coats on the market and comes with a wide, flat brush which makes application effortless and waste minimal.

So I earnestly recommend all nail-atics out there to give this product a whirl- it might just change the way you wear polish forever!