Nail The Week: Statement Rainbows!

Just a quick and simple Nail The Week this time, mainly to showcase some amazing acid brights from my all-time favourites, Barry M! I do love a colourful manicure, especially on a grey day (and we get many of them in the UK) and this was the perfect antidote to the ever-present pattering of raindrops outside my door! For the record, with the exception of the yellow, it wasn’t too stain-tastic either!

The colours I used were:

(Clockwise from top left) Bright Red, Cyan Blue, Mango, Key Lime and a Limited Edition no-namer from Boots last year.

If you like this mani but wanted a subtler look you could go for the same basic palette but with deep jewel tones or summery pastels instead.

As a side note, a little later in the day I couldn’t help but notice that this mani was strongly reminiscent of certain ipad addiction game I sometimes like to partake in…


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