Inspired By… Art Deco Nails!

‘Inspired By…’ is my very first nail art design series, in which I adopt style elements from the world of art, design and fashion and create my own nail art interpretations.

My first entry is this quirky, colourful look based on designs from the Art Deco period. The movement focused heavily on geometric shapes, contrasting colours and sunburst motifs, all of which I’ve included here.  Like many of my nail art designs, this looks complex but is actually pretty simple to create (I’m kind of cheeky like that). All you need is three contrasting polishes, scotch tape, striping tape, and quite a bit of time! Here’s how I did it:

1. After applying a base coat, I painted my nails bright yellow. As you can see, I was not overly careful with this application as I knew that a lot of the yellow would not be seen in the final design.

After applying a base coat, I painted my nails bright yellow.

2. When this was completely dry (you can use Seche Vite to speed up this process), I sectioned off the bottom third of my nail and applied Revlon’s Nail Enamel in ‘Rich’ to the rest of it. This is definitely shaping up to be one of this autumn’s ‘It’ colours and I can see why- it’s a fabulous, wearable mix of gold, silver and green which goes with just about everything and can be worn day or night. It also manages to be sparkly and shimmery without prematurely entering into the realms of the Christmas shades, which is pretty unusual!

3. When the coat of Rich was dry, I applied three pre-cut strips of striping tape to each nail in a sunburst pattern as shown below and painted a dusky purple shade over the tape, being careful not to go over any of the yellow with the new shade. When applying the tape, I made sure that the tape covered only the Rich and none of the yellow, meaning that the shimmery gold would shine through after the tape was removed.

4. While the purple was still wet, I carefully removed the striping tape with tweezers in the reverse order to how I applied it, preventing any smudges. After waiting one or two minutes for the design to become touch-dry, I added a coat of Seche Vite to speed up drying time and protect my work.

I’m pretty pleased with how the design turned out. This was my first attempt at using striping tape and I thought it was quite effective and definitely a lot less messy than I expected. One thing I didn’t take into account was quite how bright the yellow shade was going to be; this caused the purple to take on a slightly green tinge, which lessened the contrasting effect with both the other colours . If I were to do this design again, I’d use a brighter purple or a pink to counteract this.

If you feel like creating your own 30s-style geometric design, I’d love to see how it goes. Here’s a reminder of the materials I used for mine:

Scotch tape

Striping tape (I picked up about six rolls for a few pence on Ebay)

Look by Bipa Stop Split Vitamin Booster base coat. This is great base coat which really does help to reduce nail splitting which is big problem of mine (well, relatively speaking, obviously there are far worse things). Unfortunately, though, I think this miracle worker is  only available in Austria.)

Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paint in shade 330, available at Boots

Revlon Nail Enamel in ‘Rich’

Astor Perfect Stay Gel Shine in ‘Make a Splash’

Seche Vite Fast Dry top coat.


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