Nail The Week: Silver and Satsuma!

Bright and tasty!

This week’s Nail the Week combines two very different yet beautifully complimentary colours from one of my favourite nail polish brands, Barry M. Although it looks a little intricate, this design is so easy to achieve with the help of a stationary cupboard staple, hole re-inforcers. To create this look, I painted a single coat of silver over a long-lasting base coat and waited for it to dry completely. After that, I took my hole re-inforcers and and adhered them to the bottom of my nails to create a half-moon shape, being sure to press them down firmly at the edges. I then added a coat of orange over the exposed area of the nail and removed the hole re-inforcer carefully and immediately. It’s important to remove the re-inforcers straight away after applying the second colour to prevent the shape from smudging. Once the orange was touch-dry I added a fast-drying top coat to smooth out any harsh lines in the design and protect my polish.

I really love the two colours I’ve used in this manicure; the finished effect is summery and very glamorous, and the bright orange reminds me of one of my very first nails polishes, a bright orange affair from Rimmel, back in the day when they were still using square bottles! Both the Foil Effects and the Gelly Hi-Shine polishes are pigmented enough to only require one coat of each, which is great if you’re doing a design like this one with more than one colour. This is a great look to opt for if you’re looking for a manicure to take you from day to night, as it’s bright enough to be striking in the daytime but shimmery enough to add some nighttime glamour. Of course, you could also make up your own colour combination, some others I thought of were pink and gold, black and white and peach and purple.

I’ve heard that the half-moon manicure was big news in the 1930s and 40s, so if you feel like trying out a classic manicure with a modern twist of colour, why not raid that office drawer and get started today?

Polishes used:

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Base Coat

Silver Foil Effect and Satsuma Gelly Hi-Shine, both by Barry M

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Hole Re-inforcers, £1.99, from W H Smith.


5 thoughts on “Nail The Week: Silver and Satsuma!

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