Nail the Week: Spikes, Monochrome and Glitter!

Glitzy and glam!

Glitzy and glam!

This week’s Nail the Week is coming to you on a Tuesday thanks to the bank holiday, but I hope it’s worth waiting for. This mani blasts some of my favourite Barry M polishes into action to create an eclectic look using sleek darks, matte lights, and mostly importantly lots of bold glitter. I was feeling a bit wild when I did this manicure, and strictly speaking it’s probably not ‘one for the office’ but if you feel like rebelling against those back to work blues, then this is the nail design for you! One thing’s for sure, it’s definitely going to make tapping those computer keys a whole lot more exciting!

To begin, I used a fairly course file to to add a point to my nail tip. I appreciate that this look may not be for everybody, so if you feel that it’s a little to Gaga for you then just skip this step and stick to your preferred nail shape. Next up, I painted my pinky and middle fingers gold, my ring finger and thumb white, and my pointer finger metallic navy (you could use black for a true monochrome effect, but I fancied a a dash of bold colour). I waited for the first layer to dry before adding a second coat to each. After the second coat had dried, I added the gold holographic glitter to my pinkies in a dabbing motion, which provides much more glitter coverage than brushing it on as you would a plain polish. Finally, I added a fast-drying top coat to the gold and navy nails and a matte top coat to the white and accessorised my unconventional manicure with lots of stacking rings.

Don’t feel restricted to the colours I’ve used, I think it would work equally well with any other colour variations as long as you stick to the basis of a light, a dark and something shiny! If you feel like recreating this look I’d love to see the results in the comments section.

Polishes used:

My (Barry M heavy) polishes for this look

My (Barry M heavy) polishes for this look

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Base Coat

Matt White, Navy, Gold Foil Effect and Yellow Topaz Glitter, all by Barry M

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Rimmel Lycra Pro Matte Finish Top Coat


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